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Object inventory sent while offline doesn't appear in inventory


I noticed today that if I get items (notecards or objects) that are sent from a object and I was not online when they are sent, I get the "do you want to accept?" box when I log in and I click keep, and I get in local chat what I was given and by who, HOWEVER it does not show up in my inventory. I do not have the accept in folders configured either so I know it isn't that. If I am online when sent, the items are kept no problem, but if I am offline, while I get the box to accept, they do not go into inventory when I do click keep. I tried clearing cache and nope still not there. I did inventory searches both recent and from the name of the item I was sent and it does not appear. Nor when I check in objects or Notecards folder


Microsoft Windows 7 SP1



Kitty Barnett


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